NEW Trident™ Mechanical Room Kit

It’s never going to be easier to start protecting your building from water damage.

Whether your building is an 80-story high rise with hundreds of tenants or a two-story single tenant building, there is one area through which every drop of water flows. One area that is the heart of the building’s water distribution system. The Mechanical Room.

The Mechanical Room is home to the building’s critical water systems including boilers, air handlers, chillers and heat exchangers, water pumps and sprinkler distribution piping, each of which could shut the building down if a leak occurs or, at the very least, result in a very expensive and disruptive situation. Water leaks and drain backups in mechanical rooms are responsible for a high percentage of costly commercial building water damage losses.

It is for that very reason The Detection Group® has developed the new Trident™ Mechanical Room Kit. It is the perfect, and maybe most important, location in which to first experience the advantages of the FM Approved Trident wireless water leak detection system. 

The new Mechanical Room Kit utilizes all the standard, FM Approved Trident wireless water leak detection components that are currently protecting over 50 million square feet of space in 400 buildings across North America from water damage losses. Just like full building systems, as soon as a Mechanical Room Kit sensor detects a water leak, an audible local alarm sounds, and the sensor immediately communicates the precise leak location via real time, phone, email, and text alerts to engineers and building managers so the leak can be fixed quickly, minimizing damage, and tenant disruption.

The Mechanical Room Kit, with options for ethernet or cell communications, is scaled down to present a cost-effective ‘starter’ opportunity for commercial buildings, large and small, to protect their mechanical rooms from water pipe leaks, drain back-ups and any leak in the area. It’s priced low enough to allow even for mid-fiscal year installation, which means it can easily fall within your annual OPEX budgets without waiting for major CAPEX approvals. Plus, the price already includes the Software Agreement for 24 months, so no separate agreement is necessary.

Providing a low-cost, trial opportunity to protect the most critical floor of your building wasn’t the only objective. The Mechanical Room Kit is easy enough to install that your local building maintenance personnel can do it. And do it quickly.