Case Studies

Kilroy Realty Corporation

Kilroy Reality protects properties, supports sustainability with water leak detection

“With The Detection Group, you’re solving a problem before it happens and mitigating an issue before it becomes large.”

Bill Wendt
VP of Engineering, Kilroy Realty

Luxury High-Rise

Luxury high-rise manager tracks avoidance of disasters with wireless water leak detection

“I go to sleep every night knowing when I go to work the next day, I won’t have a giant disaster waiting for me.”

General Manager

The Montage

Luxury residence secures several saves with wireless water leak detection system

“Now, in almost all cases, we detect leaks immediately.”

Dr. William Craig,
HOA President, The Montage

PMRG Hazard Center

San Diego office tower remains flood-free for 10 years with leak sensors

“You could have a decade of prevention cost in one flood.”

Lisa Gualco,
General Manager, PMRG

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