The Detection Group

The Detection Group has been providing water damage protection since 2006. Our proven, Trident technology is always on, 24/7/365. That translates into protecting over $60 billion of property used by companies including Hyundai, Salesforce, Capital One, Scripps Health, and Kilroy Realty. They trust us. So can you.

And so does FM Global. Not only do we protect their facilities, but Trident is the only wireless water leak detection system to receive coveted FM Approval. A professional recognition that we are extremely proud of, and honestly have earned, through our efforts to continuously provide best-in-class water leak detection services for our customers.

Laurie Conner, President and CEO of The Detection Group, has spent her career working in the heart of the technology industry with a focus on advanced wireless water leak detection platforms. It didn’t take her long to realize how destructive water leaks can be to equipment, to entire buildings, to the environment, and to people. Or for her team to develop next-gen technology to protect Class A commercial, corporate, residential, retail, medical and industrial buildings throughout the U.S. from the devasting financial effects of water damage.

Today The Detection Group is the leader in water leak detection for commercial buildings with its cutting-edge, FM Approved Trident technology — the gold standard for water leak detection. And we take pride in working hand in-hand with our customers to ensure every installation is tailored to their specific needs and is always ready to respond instantly to a leak anywhere, anytime, to avoid disaster.

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